Working in a PDF file like a Pro – PDF Expert app for iOS/iPhone and iPad – Free App of the week

With everything moving to the cloud and into the digital world, we are all working with PDF documents on a daily basis.  Usually to make changes to a PDF document you would need to have Adobe Acrobat Pro, and still to do things like singing documents or contracts people often print them out, sign and then scan or fax them back. As with many things lately, there is an app for that.

This is where PDF Expert comes into play. PDF Expert allows you to do some of the standard editing tasks, things such as highlight, and comment.  The app also has some of the more useful features, such as edit and signing of forms.  The app is usually $9.99, which for some people who are professionals its worth it even if you just use the app once a week. However, for a limited time the app is FREE in the App Store as part of Free App of the Week. We recommend for everyone to download the app because its super useful and will come in handy for just about anyone.


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