Review: Android 5.0, Lollipop – Upgrade of a Samsung Note 4

Android 5.0 was originally announced back in October of 2014, and if you had a Nexus device you were able to upgrade to Lollipop right away, but if you are like most other people, you to had to wait for your carrier to send out the update for your phone.  Earlier this week, I once again had done a manual check on my T-Mobile Samsung Note 4 to see if there was an update to the software, and to my surprise my phone started to download the update to Android 5.0 Lollipop.

The update itself is about 1 gigabyte in size, and it’s possible to download it over the network or wifi.  Depending on the speed of your network/wifi, it can take about 10-30 min for the software to download, and then it will need to restart and install the new operating software, which can take another 5-10 min depending on how many apps you have installed.  If you would like to keep use of phone, you can also schedule the update to take place overnight while your sleeping so that you don’t miss any calls or messages.

What I have experienced in the time that I have used the phone since the update has been a much cleaner user interface, faster response time, a better battery life, and faster charge time for the battery.  The only issues that I have seen so far is a delay for some reason when I accept phone call and a delay when I switch between speakerphone and handset.

I am personally someone who if the software isn’t broken and it doesn’t have a must have feature, then I don’t update/upgrade it, but I think that the benefits that are worth the time that it takes to upgrade to the latest version of Android.

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