New MTA train and bus fare $27.25 is the new $19.05.

As of this morning, the MTA has again raised tolls on bridges as well as the bus and subway fare.  If you aren’t using the monthly unlimited cards. which have gone up to $31 for the 7 day unlimited and $116.50 for the 30 day unlimited, they you will be paying $2.75 per ride and if you put more then $5.50 on your MetroCard at a time you will get a 11% bonus on your card.  We all hate having random pennies left on the MetroCard, which seem to never end.  The best way to avoid having money leftover or “trapped” on the card is to now put $27.25 on the card which will give you a balance of $30.25 which equals 11 paid trips.  If you don’t want to top off the card every week, you can put $54.50 which will give you a balance of $60.50, which equals 22 paid trips and should last about 2 weeks for someone traveling to and from work Monday – Friday.

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