Ziva/Zilara Rose Hall Dining Options

Hyatt Ziva and Zilara Rose Hall is an all-inclusive property in Montego Bay, Jamaica, offering a family-friendly option at Ziva, and an adults-only option at Zilara.

Three restaurants (Horizons, Petit Pariz, and Flavorz) are exclusive to the guests staying at Zilara and do not allow Ziva guests, which also means that no children will be allowed in as the minimum age for Zilara guests is 18. Horizons and Flavorz are physically located on the Zilara property, Horizons is beachfront and Flavorz is in the lobby, while Petit Pariz is located adjacent to the Brazil restaurant near the Ziva pool.

While Ziva guests cannot eat at the Zilara-only restaurants, Zilara guests are free to choose from any of the restaurants on property. Some, like Choicez, are a bit of a walk from Zilara, but considering that the entire property is at most a fifteen minute walk end to end, nothing is really too far.

Choicez, as the name implies, is full of options presented in a buffet-style environment. There are both inside and outside tables for guests to choose from. There are several hot stations, which, at breakfast, serve made to order omelets or eggs, hot meats (bacon, ham, turkey), some Jamaican breakfast favorites, like ackee and saltfish, johnny cakes, callaloo, and stamp and go, and traditional American items, such as pancakes and french toast. Breakfast also includes a selection of cheeses and smoked fish, as well as freshly squeezed juices. At lunch, the hot stations served a selection of grilled and fried meats, fish, and vegetables, and also included pizza or pasta. Fresh vegetables are offered on the salad bar, and there is always a choice of fresh shellfish, either crab or shrimp cocktail, and mussels. Dinner also includes a fresh shellfish station, as well as more hot food options. At each meal there is a selection of fresh fruit and dessert.

Choicez is located in the “Caribbean Village” area of the resort, not far from Union Jackz bar, which serves traditional bar food, such as wings and fries, as well as Fuzion and Di Roza. While Choicez is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Di Roza and Fuzion are only open for dinner. Of the two, Di Roza is the more child-friendly option, and of all the restaurants at this resort, Di Roza probably has the largest share of children who come for the delicious pizzas made in the open show oven. Di Roza has two menus and two seatings: one option is the more formal a la carte, and the other is family style, which includes an antipasti bar and pizza. However, if you are eating a la carte and want to include a pizza with your meal, you only have to ask. The standouts of the meal were the risotto, pizza, fried calamari, and, surprisingly, the chicken breast. I have very low expectations for chicken breast anytime I eat out because more often than not it is either boring or dry, but the chicken at Di Roza was flavorful and juicy. The tiramisu for dessert is also not to be missed.

Fried calamari






Roast vegetable pizzaimage

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