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extra20 Santander

With interest rates being at record lows its great if your trying to get yourself a mortgage but if you are trying to save money having low interest rates isn’t a good thing for you so the fact that Santander is giving a promotion of an extra $20 a month.  The great thing so far is that there is no end date to possibly one of the best promotions that is out there right now if you look at this long term.

As with anything that sounds great there has to be a catch right… well for this promotion all your required to do is to have a direct deposit of a total of $1,500 a month which can be broken up into as many different deposits as your able to do so you can do 2 deposits of $750, 3 deposits of $500 …. that alone will give you $10 a month and if you do 2 bill pays online via the Santander website you will get the other $10 and each of those bill pays don’t have to be full bill balances or anything extremely large.

So by having Direct Deposit + 2 Bill Pays with Santander in a single month you could end up with a greater bonus payment (upto $240 a year) then you do in a whole year in interest so its a great return for minimal work.

If you are in the New York let us know and we will put you in touch with a personal banker who will be able to help you out with everything.  info [at]

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