Plague Inc. – Game Review

Many people have dreams of taking over the world, others have dreams of destroying the world. Well now you can do both with Plague Inc.  Plague Inc. recently added a Zombie expansion set which allows you to create your own army of Zombies to do your dirty work of infecting everyone and then killing them.  Plague Inc is an interesting semi-strategy game where you create a virus, bacteria, or any other type of disease place it into a country and then see what happens to the disease and the people of that country as well as how it is transmitted to other places via airplanes, boats, food, blood, insects and a wide variety of other things.  I have to warn you that this game is very addictive and time consuming but it might be a great way to pass time on your way to work on the train or bus and not while driving.  My understanding is that this game actually interests doctors because of the things that you’re able to do and the actual medical related content but I can tell you I am not a doctor and like to play this game.  Give it a try and see what happens.


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