Burgers – a test drive for summer barbeque

Though I hate the heat and humidity of New York summers, there is one element of summer that I enjoy: grilling. Ribs, chicken, steaks – we grill everything, just about every weekend. Having recently seen some Pat LaFrieda burgers on FreshDirect, I decided that it would be nice to try them out before the grilling season commences.


One pack has four 6-ounce patties, made from a mix of chuck, brisket, and short rib ground beef. The meat comes to you fresh, not frozen, which yields a jucier burger.

Since I don’t have a grill or a griddle at home, I decided to use a cast iron skillet to cook the burgers. I started with some oil and rosemary for additional flavor.


Salt and pepper the patties, then add them gently to the skillet. Cook about 3 minutes on one side, then carefully flip to the other side.


Add cheese and cook another 3 minutes. While the patties were cooking, I toasted a couple of brioche buns and made honey mustard (it is as easy as it sounds, start with a couple of tablespoons of good dijon mustard to a bowl, add one tablespoon of honey, mix, and adjust to taste).


Start with some honey mustard on a bun. Add the burger. That’s goat cheese on my burger.


I added some sliced tomatoes and onions, and arugula salad dressed in simple vinaigrette.

Put the top bun on the burger.


And there you have it. My husband informs me that these are the best burgers he’s had.


We will definitely be adding these to our summer grilling menu.

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