Bank that actually pays interest

Having low interest rates are great if you need a mortgage and your trying to get more house for your money but its horrible if your trying to save money and you want to make it work for you.  Right now many of us are experiencing savings and checking accounts that have interest rates of about 0.01% which is the banks way of saying thanks for the donation as they are basically not paying for you keeping the money with them and at the same time they are able to use that money to make profits for themselves.  This is where I have spent time searching for an alternative where to keep money and still get paid some sort of interest that is more then just 2cents from the bank every month.  Online and on TV we all see Online savings accounts that are said to pay more interest but when you start looking its not as much as it might seem and the banks have continued to reduce the interest that they are paying.  ING had done a great marketing and advertising campaign for many years and when people think of Online Savings accounts people think of the Orange Savings Account which has now been sold to Capital One and called 360 Savings they used to pay 1% and are now down to 0.75%. There are a number of other online savings accounts that are out there but many of them are also paying low interest rates but I was able to find Barclays which offers online savings accounts and online CD’s which as of today are paying 0.90% and 1.75% (5Years) respectively.  The opening of and funding of the accounts is very quick and simple.  You are able to link the savings account with your current checking account at any bank and transfer money from one account to the other with no problems.  If you have a joint account each person is able to create their own login ids.  Once logged in you will see a very simple and user friendly website where you able to see your balance, transfer money in or out of the account(s) as well as your statements.  As of right now I am using this as my personal savings account until I find something better.

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